About Us

Our Mission

To serve, preserve and strengthen families living through traumatic life events

Our Story

Through the years our faith, our love of God and our family have been our source of strength in tough times. We believe in the sanctity of family. We believe that it is the family which is the basic building block of community and society as a whole. Healthy, strong families ensure healthy, happy, loving children.

Given these foundational beliefs, we always knew we wanted to do something to help families going through difficult times. Offer something to families that would help bring them together; to find hope and peace again. We wanted to share what we have in a way that preserves and strengthens families. That’s when the idea of the ranch came to mind.

Owning and operating a ranch has always been a dream of ours. Everything about farm and ranch life is restorative to the soul and builds bonds within the family. We always wanted this lifestyle for our family. Twenty five years ago, after a particularly difficult time in our family, we committed ourselves to the idea of sharing our future ranch with families living through traumatic life events.

Trinity Springs was created to serve families. We share our ranch and offer family retreats. We focus on families that have lost a child; families that have a child living through a life threatening condition; and military families dealing with loss or trauma.

These families bare unimaginable weight and are exposed to profound risk. It is our hope that in sharing this ranch we can help families through these arduous times.

We do this in honor of God and Family.

With Faith and Hope,
Jim and Lisa Phelan

How We Help

At Trinity Springs we offer family retreats . We focus on families that have lost a child, families that have a child going through a life threatening condition and military families dealing with loss or trauma. Our retreats feature activities that center around the farm and ranch life and the beauty that exists in the Ozark Mountains. We’ve found that experiencing the beauty of the land and partaking in the wholesome activities, that define the ranching life, healing will occur and family bonds will strengthen.

Joy often comes from the simple things in life. Families that come to Trinity Springs experience God, Who dwells in His creation and is everywhere indivisibly present in all His works. Trinity Springs is a sanctuary for families.

Partner Hospitals

Trinity Springs develops partnerships with children and veteran hospitals. Knowing Trinity Springs and the needs of the families receiving treatment, our partner hospitals nominate families for retreat. Trinity Springs does not select the families that come here, our partner hospitals do. Families are then contacted by Trinity Springs and scheduled for retreat.

Our Counselors

We partner with several counselors and these gifted professionals are available to our families during retreat. Through the therapeutic activities we offer, and discussions with our counselors we believe each family will find peace and hope.

How We Work

We serve you. We are here for you. You are free to enjoy any and all the activities we offer or simply spend time in the home and on the grounds in quiet reflection. Our retreats are for one family at a time. Through this focused attention we do all we can to ensure the best possible experience for our families.

The Ranch

A working cattle ranch nestled in the heart of the Missouri Ozark Mountains; comprised of hardwood forests, green pastures, ponds and spring fed creeks, teeming with wildlife. Bordered by the Mark Twain National Forest, the ranch is a quiet and peaceful place. We think John Muir said it best “In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks”.


Trinity Springs is located in south central Missouri near the towns of Cabool and Willow Springs, 70 miles southeast of Springfield and less than a 4 hour drive from Kansas City, St. Louis, Tulsa, Little Rock and Memphis. Detailed driving directions are sent out to our families prior to their stay.

The Barnyard

The most popular activity we do each day on the ranch is checking on and caring for our animals. We have every type of animal one might expect on a farm and ranch; horses, cattle, dogs, cats, chickens, goats, sheep, the list goes on. Caring for our animals is as soothing to the mind as deep meditation and almost as good for the soul as prayer. Our animals have this incredible ability to fill your heart without trying. They are uniquely God’s creatures; their innocence and unconditional love is irresistible. As you might imagine we have many births on the ranch. Young animals; their birth and the bonds they form with their mothers; is especially rewarding to witness. Being in the presence of these miracles is comforting to the spirit.

The Land

Beautiful landscapes abound at Trinity Springs. The topography is rolling and hilly with hardwood forests and clear streams. Beauty is all around you wherever you go. The sounds and smells you experience here are of nature. Being immersed in God’s creation makes it easier to feel a sense of peace, and reflect. A walk through the ranch or National Forest helps a family leave their worries behind and renew the spirit.

The Log Home

Families are housed in a 4 bedroom 2.5 bath log home that can comfortably sleep 8 or more people. The log home is cozy, comfortable and belongs on a ranch. It is fully equipped with towels and linens, a full kitchen, dining and living areas. The wrap around porch offers sensational views of the ranch and the Ozark Mountains.

Activity Barn

Catty corner to the log home is a two story barn which is used for meals and other activities offered on the ranch such as commemorative crafts.


Adjacent to the barn and log home is a courtyard surrounded by beautiful gardens and equipped with a fire pit. A very inviting space day or night but especially enjoyable in the morning and evening.


The log home wrap around porch is the perfect spot to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the ranch and the wildlife that calls Trinity Springs home.

Trinity Springs Wrangler Program

Become a Trinity Springs Wrangler

By becoming a Wrangler for Trinity Springs Ranch you can help share our message and spread awareness for our cause. We are looking for individuals who have a passion for helping families at risk.

What Does a Trinity Springs Wrangler Do?

Wranglers will share our mission with their own personal network helping build awareness and support. We will support you in this effort by providing the materials and information needed to educate your network about Trinity Springs, whether that be hosting a “Night of Hope”, or providing materials that you can share with your social media network. We will travel to you to make a presentation at your “Night of Hope”.

Why Become a Trinity Springs Wrangler?

We’er sure you know how important strong loving families are to our children and society as a whole. Families in need of help continue to grow. As one of our Wranglers you’ll make a valuable contribution to spreading our mission. This will enable us to gain more support and in turn will allow us to help more families.

Benefits for You

Donors and volunteers are everything to us. Our supporters are our partners in the success of this ranch and how it helps families. Without you, we would not be here. Volunteering to help us spread awareness through this program will be a moving experience for you personally. Understanding and fulfilling the passions and interests of our donors and volunteers is of utmost importance and one of the cornerstones of this ministry.

Stronger Together 

Our donors are everything to us; they are as important as the families we serve. Without our donors’ we would not be here. Understanding the passions and interests of our donors is of utmost importance to us here at Trinity Springs.

If you donate to Trinity Springs, we know this ministry matches a passion of yours. We view our donors as partners in the success of this ranch and how it helps families. As partners, we want to develop a close relationship and understand our donors’ passions and interests and how each person wants to make a difference. We have and are developing special projects and volunteer opportunities that will speak to the different interests of our donors. To find out more please contact us at (417) 469 – 0810 or trinityspringsnonprofit@gmail.com.

Our Team

Jim Phelan Chairman
Lisa Phelan Vice Chairman
Kristyne Bennet Treasurer
Mark Sloan Director